IzzyJ Children's Phone

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Secure your Children's current iPad/iPhone devices today! Concerned about what they can see, we can transform your device today so you do not have to worry!

A secure Izzy J Digital Licence has a fully developed Fun Store with all the apps your child could need from 4 - 16 years of age. We have chosen specific apps from Games/Education and Wellbeing, as well as all the schools apps for secondary school. We only allow internet use through family sharing when you feel they are ready.

ILG Business Ltd has over thirty years mobile experience within the team and we developed the children's iPhone/iPad and Izzy J software for our CEO. The requirement was to provide two secure iPhone devices for his daughters, with a family messaging service. We searched the market place and couldn't find any suitable resellers of such a product, so we made our own!

This product is designed for 4-16 years of age, we use Apple family sharing to compliment when you feel your child should have access to Apple messaging and the internet etc.

We take all the hassle away today and secure your existing iPhones/iPads in minutes or buy a preloaded secondhand iPhone at low prices.

What is included:

iPhone 6s - £96.00 

5gb data allowance - capped - £16.80 per month

Children software for first 24months